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List of CD, DVD, tapes and fanzines for sale:
(List updated on december the 26th, 2011)
All the records from this list are for sale. Prices do not include postage.
The records that appear in RED are available for wholesale or trade, just ask for details.

34-D (Mex): "s/t" hardcore from Mexico city (tape: 2 euro)
AGAINE (Br): "songs about the week here..." punk hardcore (CD: 6 euro)
AGATHOCLES (Belg): "keep mincing" grindcore. recordings of 1988 (CD: 8 euro)
AGATHOCLES (Belg): "Mincemania in Greece" grindcore, compilation of tracks from 1987 to 1999 (tape: 2 euro)
ANARCHUS (Mex): "still alive" nihilistic grind crust thrash (CD: 10 euro)
ANARCHUS / CSSO (Mex /Jap): "split live" grindcore for both bands (CD: 10 euro)
ANSIA DE VOMITO (Br): "it's time for them to remember" death grind (CD: 6 euro)
ANTILLECTUAL (Holl): "Testimony" great punk / hardcore band (CD: 6 euro)
ANTIMIDIA (Br): "brasil, latrina do mundo" great chaos punk (tape: 2 euro)
APATIA NO (Ven): "el ruido de antes..." anarcho punk hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
APOX (US): "Prevalence" doom punk, hc, metal original band (CD: 6 euro)
ARRANCA (Cuba + USA): "exilio doloroso" great latino punk (CD: 13 euro)
ARTURO (It): "s/t" old school fast hardcore. Released on Panx records (CD: 7 euro)
AURORA (Hun): "1988" pogo punk from Hungary, they demo from 1988 (tape: 2 euro)
AUTONOMIA (Peru): "escapando al silencio impuesto" anarcho punk hc, discography from 1997-2001 (CD: 10 euro)
BAKOUNINE (Fr): "Kill the drummer" total discography for this d-beat french band (CDR: 3 euro)
BARIS MANCO (Turkey): "The rarities 66-81" collection of garage / psych tracks by the godfather of Turkish rock music (tape: 2 euro)
BIX (Lithuania): "doozgle" mutli influenced rock and experimental stuff (CD: 10 euro)
BLITZPEER (US): "live" heavy, fast and furious thrash. Cover illustration by Pushead (CD: 8 euro)
COACCION (Mex): "desorden" crust hardcore. 16 tracks from 2002 (CD: 8 euro)
COCHE BOMBA (France): "Vectores de la muerte" discography CD for this crusty HC punk band (CD: 8 euro)
CONCIENCIAS MUERTAS (Mex): "resiste" wild punk with some ska influences (CD: 8 euro)
CRASHED OUT / ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND (Indonesia / Philippines): "split CD" anarcho punk vs polit' punk hc (CD: 10 euro)
DDT (Bulg): "punk will never die 1981-1991" historical pogo punk (CD: 10 euro)
DEMOKHRATIA (Algeria): "Bled el petrol takoul lekhra" fast political hc sung in arabian language (CD: 5 euro)
DESARME (Peru): "es tu error" hc with crossover influences. Social lyrics (CD: 10 euro)
DESCONTROLADOS (Ecuador): "discography" their 2 records: punk for the first one, new wave for the other (CD: 10 euro)
DEVIATION (Belarus): "s/t" anarcho-punk with folk influences (CD: 3 euro)
DEZINFEKCE (CZ): "1650 secs" fast hardcore crust (tape: 2 euro)
DIE FORM (FR): "poupée mécanique" industrial electronic music. great artwork (CD: 12 euro)
DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE (Ger): "'85 - '95" 100% DIY punk rock (double-CD: 13 euro)
DISBEER (Fr): "beer drinkers and hellraisers" metallic crust hc, motorhead meets AC/DC meets Discharge (CD: 10 euro)
DISCHORD (Br): "tecnologia para quem?" raw political hc crust (CD: 5 euro)
DISCOGRAPHY OF EASTERN EUROPEAN PUNK 1977-1999: the bible for record collectors of eastern European punk (book: 6 euro)
DISOLUCION SOCIAL (Mex): "Nuestra imagen actual" political punk (tape: 2 euro)
DISORDERLY CONDUCT (USA): "SMBD" rap hardcore metal (CD: 5 euro)
DISTURBIO (Mex): "suda america" political grind crust from Guadalajara (CD: 8 euro)
DO NOT X-RAY (SK): "s/t" political hardcore (tape: 2 euro)
DOGA (CZ): "no a co" thrash and heavy metal (CD: 6 euro)
DOSE BRUTAL (Br): "s/t" discography of this brazilian oi band: 15 songs in total (CD: 8 euro)
DREAD 101 (CZ): "s/t" crust, scandinavian styled hardcore (tape: 2 euro)
EDITOR (CZ): "zero option" metalcore (CD: 6 euro)
EL ODIO OI (Mex): "violenta al estado" mexican anti fascist oi (CD: 10 euro)
ESKATOL (Nor): "Blodorn" really great norvegian hardcore band (CD: 6 euro)
ESTEL (Ireland): "the bones of something" strange, creative, disturbing industrial hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
ETERNA INOCENCIA / BODA (Arg / Fr): split CD" punk hc versus screamed fast hc (CD: 5 euro)
EWA BRAUN (Pol): "esion" noise rock, hardcore band (CD: 8 euro)
FALLAS (Mex): "Musica para la resitencia" political hardcore punk (tape: 2 euro)
FALLAS DEL SISTEMA / BRANDELLI D'ODIO (Mex / It): "split tape" anarcho punk hardcore (tape: 2 euro)
FDS (Br): "planeta terra SA" 17 tracks of great punk hc (CD: 8 euro)
FERTIL MISERIA / 3 DE BASTOS (Col / Sp): "split tape" punk for both bands (tape: 2 euro)
FPO (Mace): "Znam deka..." fast oldschool hc (CD: 6 euro)
FPO / SEEIN RED (Mace / Holl): "split CD" HC punk from Macedonia + thrashcore for SEEIN RED. Big booklet (CD: 6 euro)
FRIDAY DIES (USA): "Return of the witch - promo" thrash with some hc influences (CD: 2 euro)
FUGUE (Jap): "proof of the man" original sludge doom (CD: 6 euro)
GARROBOS (Mex): "sacude el craneo" punk with metal influences (CD: 8 euro)
GLEICHLAUFSCHWANKUNG (Ger): "punks verstehen keinen spass" great male/female fronted punk from East germany (CD: 10 euro)
GOVERNMENT FLUE (Pol): "Fuck poetics + demo 2008" fast intense hardcore (CD: 6 euro)
GUTEN TAG (CZ): "maso" experimental punk and hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
HACHAZO / FUCK STREET NOISE (Sp): "split CD" punk hc from Madrid versus more agressive hc (CD:! 9 euro)
HATE IS JUST A FEELING (Swe): "the road to kingdom come" great punk rock (CD: 5 euro)
HEALTH HAZARD (UK): "Discography" anarcho punk (tape: 2 euro)
HEYOKA (Fr): "Piqures de rappel [1991-1997]" the complete discography on double CD for this anarcho-punk band (dCD: 10 euro)
HYDROPHOBIA / MIGRA VIOLENTA (Mex / Arg): "split CD" anarcho hardcore (CD: 5 euro)
I SHOT CYRUS (Br): "Complete discography" brazilian hardcore, recordings from 1997 to 2001 (CD: 6 euro)
ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND (Philippines): "O guinu" political punk hc (CD: 10 euro)
KAAOS (Fin): "ismit" heavy and brutal hardcore punk (CD: 10 euro)
KARNE KRUA (Br): "em carne viva" old punk rock mixed with some 80's thrash: great!! (CD: 10 euro)
KLUNK (Fr): "adopted?" wild, fast and melodic punk (CD: 10 euro)
KUD IDIJOTI (Croatia): "glupost je neunistiva" wild melodic punk (CD: 10 euro)
KURTIZANY Z 25, AVENUE (CZ): "2000 ?" experimental hardcore (CD: 13 euro)
LA BASKA (Mex): "el gachupin" energic ska-punk from Mexico (CD: 9 euro)
LA CONTRA (Mex): "Mujer" political punk (tape: 2 euro)
LA FUERZA AEREA (Peru): "Volumen" melodic punk (CD: 13 euro)
LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO (Chile): "Savia" hardcore crust. (CDR: 2 euro)
LACERATE (Thailand): "soul of revenge" brutal death metal (CD: 9 euro)
LEITMOTIV (Col): "A dios rogando..." punkish dark wave (CD: 10 euro)
LET'S GROW (Serbia): "Disease of modern times" fast hc punk (CD: 6 euro)
LOS VISITANTES (Arg): "desequilibrio" multi-influenced rock, punk and ska (CD: 10 euro)
MAD 3 (Jap): "king pyramid special" black leather blitz garage punk from Tokyo. Special triangle-shapped CD sleeve (CD: 10 euro)
MADAME GERMEN (Sp): "discografia" hardcore crust (CD: 8 euro)
MADRIZA SALVAJE (Mex): "Hyndyoz de lha tyerre" Political punk from Monterrey (tape: 2 euro)
MALADIE (Mex): "s/t" brutal and melodic punk from Tijuana (CD: 6 euro)
MALOMOCNOST PRAZDNOTY (CZ): "Prestav verit" punk rock (tape: 2 euro)
MANTRA (Costa Rica): " from a decadent world" thrash death metal band from Costa Rica (CD: 12 euro)
MARIONETZ (Ger): "dampfbad live" punk rock legends from Munchen (CD: 13 euro)
MASSAKRO (Mex): "s/t" anarcho crust from Tijuana (CD: 10 euro)
MEISEL (Col): "s/t" colombian punk rock (CDR: 4 euro)
MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT / SINKING BODY (USA): "grappling with the homonids" experimental noisecore punk (CD: 10 euro)
MENTAL OPPRESSION (Fr): "Paysage mental" industrial thrash. promo CD (CD: 2 euro)
MIDDLE FINGER RESPONSE: #2, april 2010. Zine with Active Minds, Oi Polloi + lots of other things. In spanish (Zine: 1 euro)
MIGRA VIOLENTA (Arg): "superficial" anarcho hardcore (CD: 7 euro)
MORDETH (Br): "lux in tenebris" death metal (CD: 5 euro)
NADIE (Col): "carne tremula" exciting hc punk, includes a saxophone on some songs (CD: 10 euro)
NAPA (Ecuador): "nacidos al punk anarquista" first demo tape for this anarcho punk band (tape: 2 euro)
NAUZIA (Br): "apatia" really original and creative punk and hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
NECROSIS / UP TO DATE (Turkey / Italy): "split tape" turkish punk hc vs italian hardcore (tape: 2 euro)
NEW YORK AGAINST BRUKUTUS (Br): "e o fim 2,1" 154 grind and noise songs on 2 CDs (double CD: 10 euro)
NI-HAO! (Jap): "red, blue green" all girl trio that plays electronic wild pop manga styled (CD: 5 euro)
NOTOKEN (Ecu): "Detin marin de dopin güe" great political hardcore punk (tape: 2 euro)
NOTOKEN (Ecuador): "detin marinde dopingue" political hardcore (CD: 6 euro)
NOTOKEN (Ecuador): "token no mas" political hardcore (CD: 6 euro)
OI POLLOI (UK): "Fight back" anarcho punk band. Collection of old songs from splits and comp' (CD: 10 euro)
OPUS DEAD (Sp): "Perros de presa" political hc thrash from Spain (CD: 9 euro)
ORGANISMOS (Col): "s/t" pure evil and madness death black metal (CD: 10 euro)
OSSUARY (Uruguay): "Show no thirsty alcoholic rites" thrash speed metal (tape: 3 euro)
P.S. (CZ): "battle for the elevator" fast original hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
PIRATI 44 (CZ): "stremhlav do vesmiru" punk and experimental hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
PIROMANOS DEL RITMO (Chile): "nosotros tenemos el fuego" chilean crust punk (CD: 8 euro)
PISS (Port): "go home" punk rock from Lisbon (CD: 5 euro)
POSLEDNI GENERACE (CZ): "Ekologicka katastrofa" 77' punk with political lyrics (tape: 2 euro)
PROLETARYAT (Pol): "czarne szeregi" hardcore metal (CD: 13 euro)
PSYCHE (Can): "insomnia theatre" minimal synth. The Cd has 4 bonus tracks (CD: 10 euro)
PSYKUP (Fr): "sors la tête" original mix of metal and hardcore (CD: 5 euro)
PUNTAS DE ACERO (Arg): "justicia popular" political and violent street punk oi (CD: 10 euro)
RASH (Mex): "s/t" the first tape for this punk/hc band (tape: 2 euro)
REPHUGOS / SUCO GASTRICO (Br): "split CD" political and chaotic punk hardcore (CD: 10 euro)
RESISTENCIA (Col): "Bienvenido" street-punk oi with intersting lyrics (CD: 10 euro)
RETSEPTI (Georgia): "anthology of georgian underground" dark punk with raw vocals (CD: 12 euro)
RIESGO DE CONTAGIO (Mex): "un domingo familiar" melodic punk with lots of musical influences. Great band (CD: 8 euro)
RUIDO DE ODIO (Ecuador): "Proletarios" political grinding hardcore (CDR: 3 euro)
RUIDO DE ODIO / ARMENIA (Ecuador): "split CD" political grind, noise and hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
SANKTIO (Fin): "ei toimi enaa" fast and melodic punk hardcore (mCD: 5 euro)
SANKTIO (Fin): "hammaslaakariin" fast and melodic punk hardcore (mCD: 4 euro)
SCHLEIM-KEIM (Ger): "abfallprodukte der gesellschaft" comp' with tracks mostly from the 80's for this great punk band (CD: 10 euro)
SEBASTIAN (CZ): "Snÿ o marii" thrash hardcore (tape: 3 euro)
SEBASTIAN (Slovakia): "kone" hardcore metal (CD: 6 euro)
SEX PISTOLS (UK): "anarchy in the UK" classic punk rock: 3 songs on a CD (CD: 2 euro)
SEX PISTOLS (UK): "god save the queen" classic punk rock: 3 songs on a little 5" CD (CD: 2 euro)
SILBATO (It): "s/t" DIY aggressive hardcore from Venezia (CD: 7 euro)
SISTEMA CRIMINAL (Sp): "Todo paso adelante ..." aggresive punk hardcore (tape: 2 euro)
SLEAZY JOKE (Fr): "mafia politica" french punk rock influenced by PARABELLUM or TROTSKIDS (CD: 10 euro)
SLUSH GODS (Br): "Lost man" hardcore demo from 1997 (tape: 2 euro)
SMARTUT KAHOL LAVAN (Israel): "spontaneous violence" wild raw hardcore (CD: 10 euro)
SOLUCION MORTAL (Mex): "live" live tracks from the 80's for this great hardcore band (CD: 10 euro)
SPECTROMAN (Br): "s/t" ska punk (tape: 2 euro)
SPES EREPTA (CZ): "Minutova terapie" raging SXE vegan hardcore (CD: 6 euro)
STN / CHOKE (Br): "split CD" hardcore, metal and grind (CD: 6 euro)
SUENO DE LUNA (Mex): "la esencia de la inocencia" great gothic dark wave (CD: 10 euro)
SUMMON THE CROWS (Nor): "Scavengers feast" norvegian crust with some black metal influences (CD: 6 euro)
SYNDIE (Chile): "Buensabor" melodic punk with female vocals from Santiago (tape: 2 euro)
TERCEIRA CLASSE (Br): "Nossos dias" chaotic anarcho punk (tape: 2 euro)
TESTIMONY (Slovakia): "Of life and death" fusion of thrash metal and hardcore punk (CD: 8 euro)
THE BILL (Pol): "the bint" polish punk rock (CD: 10 euro)
THE CORPSE (Pol): "Fight against rules" ultra intense thrash punk from their 88 demo tape (CD: 7 euro)
THE GEEKS (South Korea): "from the start" SXE hardcore (CD: 10 euro)
THE LIBRARIANS (USA): "pathetic aesthetic" catchy and energic punk rock n'roll (CD: 7 euro)
THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS (UK): "mirror moves" great new wave (CD: 7 euro)
TORTURA AUDITIVA (Mex): "entre la resistencia y el cambio" political hardcore punk with ex-members of Atoxxxico (CD: 8 euro)
UN FINAL FATAL / UNIDOS NO (Puerto Rico): "split CD" political punk hc (CD: 10 euro)
UNTIED SHOES (Port): "Buy it or steal it" punk rock (CD: 5 euro)
UZZU (Bulg): "no future 1988-91" raw dirty punk rock (CDR: 8 euro)
V/A (Br + Portugal): "vozes do raiva II" punk / oi compilation with Mata ratos, Pé de cabra, os cabelo duro and lulu blind (CD: 11 euro)
V/A (Br): "4-way split CD" comp' with punk and hc bands: scuffle, Cream Crackers, Animal mother and Locus horrendus (CD: 6 euro)
V/A (Br): "Acao Direta - tributo" tribute CD for this great brazilian punk hc band (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Br): "atitude, vol. 2" compilation with punk and hc bands (CD: 8 euro)
V/A (Br): "aviso final" punk and hc compilation with 6 bands: FDS, Hino mortal, Acao direta ... (CD: 6 euro)
V/A (Br): "different ways of expressing..." 6 bands share this comp', each one plays hardcore (CD: 5 euro)
V/A (Br): "noise for deaf 5" grind, noise and crust bands join for a project in support of education for deaf (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Br): "protesto punk" political chaos punk with Discarga, Katastrofe, DNA and Gritos aflitos (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Br): "um passo para a revolucao" brutal and chaotic anarcho punk with 4 bands (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Br): "up the grrl" comp' with 15 punk and hc grrl bands from Brazil (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Col): "Disonancia cognitiva" comp' with 4 punk, hc bands, including the infamous Herpes (tape: 3 euro)
V/A (Col): "Voces" dark + punk bands (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Ecu): "Palacio de justicia" great comp' with Eskape del matadero, Ruido de odio, Rebellion disidente, Pesmenben IV (tape: 2 euro)
V/A (Fr): "breizh disorder, vol. 2" comp' with punk, hc and crust bands from the Brittany region (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Fr): "breizh disorder, vol. 4" comp' with punk, hc and crust bands from the Brittany region (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Fr): "gueulons sous les palmiers" excellent compilation with 7 bands: punk, ska, reggae from the city of Nice (CD: 5 euro)
V/A (Fr): "mind of resistance" hardcore compilation, some metalcore too (CD: 4 euro)
V/A (Fr): "pour que vive le rock libre" compilation with 7 underground rock and punk bands (CD: 4 euro)
V/A (Fr): "reconstruction" great hardcore compilation made by Yann Boisleve, back in 1997 (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Indonesia): "Breathless" six hardcore bands from Indonesia: Burger Kill, Deadly ground, Dead pits... (tape: 2 euro)
V/A (Int'): "Four old masterpieces in one dirty tape" you get here Anti-Cimex, Svart Framtid, Neon Christ and White Cross (tape: 2 euro)
V/A (Int'): "minutes out of limbo" 8 punk bands: Rene Binamé, Perdedores, The maze, scrotum, usual suspects... (CD: 4 euro)
V/A (Int'): "oto records" compilation with crust, grind, sludge bands from the japanes label OTO records (double-CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Int'): "Peacedies deathsucks #3" international punk and hardcore compilation (tape: 2 euro)
V/A (Int'): "seguiremos inconforme - tribute to MASACRE 68" great tribute album to this legendary mexican band (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (Int'): "si quieres vivir, ponselo" punk and hc bands released by a chilean label (CD: 6 euro)
V/A (Int'): "Ultra hardcore" 33 classics of the hardcore scene from the 80's: Mau maus, Pandemonium... (CD: 8 euro)
V/A (Int'): "youth against police brutality" punk and hc bands released by a chilean label (CD: 6 euro)
V/A (Mex): "cryptas #20" punk, crust and hc bands. Comes with a big fanzine (CD + zine: 12 euro)
V/A (Port): "revoluçao punk" great compilation with punk and hc bands from Portugal (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (South Am): "nuestros suenos" political punk, hc bands (CD: 10 euro)
V/A (South Am): "sin fronteras ni banderas" comp' with 19 punk, hc, crust, grind bands from 8 countries (CD: 12 euro)
V/A (Yugoslavia): "hardcore Llubjana 1984-2004" historical compilation with raw hardcore from ex-Yugo (CD: 10 euro)
VARNAGEL (Swe): "det som var" trall punk with 3 demos on one CD (CD: 9 euro)
VERNON WALTERS (Br): "talebush" industrial hardcore (CD: 8 euro)
VISIONS OF WAR / MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS (Fr / CZ): "split CD" crust punk for both bands (CD: 10 euro)
WARCOLLAPSE (Swe): "From absolute indoctrination to ..." crust hardcore (tape: 2 euro)
YOUTH GONE MAD (USA): "Oompa loompa" punk rock from NY. Dee Dee Ramone plays on 2 songs (CD: 10 euro)