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List of vinyl 7" and EP  for sale:
All the records from this list are for sale. Prices do not include postage.
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Liste 7" - EP:

ANTIMELODIX (Russia) : « hellfuck 2011 » crust punk with black metal influences (EP : 4 euro)

CHORNAYA RADUGA (Transnistria): “All of us will fly...” If you like Grazhdanskaya Oborona, you'll love this transmistrian band. (EP: 5 euro)
CRITICAL POINT (Portugal) : « trial and error » angry SXE hardcore (EP : 4,50 euro)
CURRAHEE (UK) : « s/t » SXE hardcore from Manchester (EP : 3,50 euro)
DETOX / BEIRUT SCUM SOCIETY (Lebanon): “Revolution is the fashion” Crazy punk versus chaotic punk (EP: 5 euro)
DISSENSIÖN / DISTRABE (Ven / Sp): « split EP » fast and furious harcore punk (EP: 4 euro)
DIVISIONS RUIN (Ireland) : « fear » Crust, d-beat. White vinyl (EP : 4 euro)
EPOCA DE RECLUTA (Ven): « Evolucionando bajo suelo » reissue of and old demo from 1994. Raw political punk hardcore. Limited to 300 copies. (EP: 5 euro)
F.P.O. (Macedonia) : « straight to the point » SXE pionneers from Macedonia (EP : 4,50 euro)
I WANT YOU DEAD (Greece): « AΩ » hardcore punk (EP: 5,50 euro)
K'E-K'E-M / HATHOR (It / Swe): « split EP » fast dirty punk rock from Sardinia vs heavy motorhead-styled punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
KOMATOZ / KANSALAISTOTTELEMATTOMUUS (Ukraine / Fin): « split EP » anarcho crust punk (EP: 4 euro)
MAZHOTT (Syria): “s/t” punk rock (EP: 5 euro)
NO REASON VOICES (Fr) : « Give us a better place to live » punk rock (EP : 4,50 euro)
ORQUESTA EL MACABEO (Puerto Rico): "la culpa" heavy salsa punk (EP: 4 euro)
PANICO (Peru) : « 1985 » old peruvian hardcore punk (EP : 5 euro)
RENNERAEV (Norway) : « s/t » norvegian hardcore punk (EP : 4,50 euro)
SEDITIUS / ANTARES (It) : « split EP » punk hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
THARGOS (Germ) : « black metal punkz » black metal mixed with raw punk. Green vinyl (EP : 4 euro)
THE AGE (Poland) : « s/t » straight edge hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
THE DITCH (Fr) : « s/t » skate punk hardcore (EP : 4,50 euro)
THE IRRITONES / NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (Fr) : « split EP » great punk (EP : 4,50 euro)
THE IRRITONES / ROUGH KIDS (Fr) : « split EP » great punk (EP : 4,50 euro)
TOXIK EPHEX (Scottland) : « civilised » old anarcho-punk band (EP : 3,50 euro)
ULTIMATE BLOWUP / JIGSORE PUZZLE (Fr / Germ) : « split EP » grinding hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
V/A (Pakistan): “Never mind the taqwacore, here's the real deal” For the first time: 8 pakistani punk bands on a piece of vinyl.(EP: 5 euro)
V/A (Suriname / Guyana): “Suriname punks meet Guyana punks” punk rock (EP: 5 euro)

1 MIO SACHSCHADEN (Ger): "garung und tat" fast and raw hc (EP: 3 euro)

2 MINUTOS DE ODIO / ROT (Sp / Br): "split EP" fastcore versus grind (EP: 3 euro)
46 SHORT / KROMBACHERKELLERKINDER (US / Ger): "split EP" punk hc for both bands. Clear vinyl (EP: 3 euro)
A.R.D. (Br): "my brazil" punk hc in the old style. Record from 1993 (EP: 10 euro)
ABUSO SONORO (Br): "jogo sujo" raw hardcore the brazilian way. Record from 1994 (EP: 6 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS (UK): "bury the past" anarcho punk hardcore (EP: 4 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS (UK): "recipe for disaster" anarcho punk (EP: 3 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS (UK): "the lunatics have taken over the asylum" anarcho punk (flexi-7": 2 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS / AN-ATTA (UK / Fr): "split EP" anarcho punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS / JESUS CROST (UK / Holl): "split EP" political punk meets political hc crust. Coloured vinyl (EP: 3,50 euro)
AHORCADOS (Fr): "cadavre exquis" good old punk hardcore released on PANX few years ago (EP: 6 euro)
AKEMARROPA (USA, Peru): "Esclavo de lo que ves" fast and furious latino punk, grey vinyl (EP: 4 euros)
ALLTID JAGET (Nor): "Hjelpelos" hardcore punk (EP: 4 euro)
ANFO (Peru): "La sangre de latinoamerica" political hardcore. Red vinyl (EP: 4 euro)
ANGRY FOR LIFE (US): "shakin' in my boots" dark melodic hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
ANGRY FOR LIFE / DUN BIN HAD (USA): "Split EP" punk/HC versus punk with ska influences (EP: 3,50 euro)
APATIA NO (Ven) : "creados para la paz..." anarcho punk (EP : 5 euro)
APATIA NO (Ven): "cuando el rumor es informacion" anarcho punk hardcore (EP: 4 euro)
APATIA NO / PROTESTERA (Ven / Swe): "split EP" anarcho punk hardcore for both bands (EP: 4 euro)
APATIA NO / RASH (Ven / Mex): "split EP" anarcho punk hardcore for both bands. Red vinyl (EP: 4 euro)
ASTA KASK (Sweden) : "till sista droppen" fast and catchy punk (EP : 4,50 euro)
ATAQUE FRONTAL (Peru): "s/t" raw political peruvian HC from the 80's . Rereleased on Burrito records (EP: 4 euro)
ATTENTAT SONORE (Fr) : "barricades" wild political punk (EP : 3,20 euro)
AUTONOMIA / ANTITESE SOCIAL (Peru / Br): "split EP" anarcho punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
AUTONOMIA / BOTELLON DE CASTIGO (Peru / Spain): "split EP" anarcho punk for Autonomia + fast crust for the others (EP: 3,50 euro)
AUTONOMIA / DIOS HASTIO (Peru): "split EP" great punk hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
AUTONOMIA / INFIEL (Peru / Chile): "split EP" HC punk for the peruvians vs HC grind for the chileans (EP: 3,50 euro)
AUTONOMIA / LOS SOBRIOS EMPUTADOS (Peru / USA) : "split EP" punk hardcore (EP : 4 euro)
BASH (Germ): "We are the boys" german streetpunk (EP: 3 euro)
BBME (Sp) : "s/t" extreme instrumental punk rock from the island of Mallorca (EP : 3 euro)
BICI HARDCORE (Spain) : "es el fin de la era de a pie" hardcore (EP : 3,20 euro)
BOMBSTRIKE (Swe): "Ackel" metallic crust band from Stockholm (EP: 4 euro)
BREAD AND WATER (US): "Future memories" anarcho punk from Dallas (EP: 3,20 euro)
BREAD AND WATER / REASON OF INSANITY (US): "split EP" anarcho punk + crust hardcore (EP: 3,10 euro)
BRIGITTE BOP (Fr): "nos futurs" 77' style punk rock (EP: 3,50 euro)
BUG CENTRAL (UK): "money and riots" anarcho punk hardcore with ex-ANTHRAX members (EP: 4 euro)
BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA (Holl) : "dirth world" political punk hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
BUSH / DICK CHENEY (Brazil / Swe): "Split EP" political HC in the vein of bands from the 80's (EP: 3,50 euro)
BUTTAFUOCO (US): "postmortem" east-bay punk with female vocals (EP: 3 euro)
C.H. (Col) : "No seas como ellos" political hardcore punk (EP : 4,50 euro)
CANCER SPREADING / BLACK TRINITY (Italy / Greece) : "split EP" black death metal (EP : 3,50 euro)
CHACHI ON ACID (Can): "you are sympathetic" fast punk with a huge sense of humour. Great and refreshing! (EP: 4 euro)
CHACHI ON ACID (Can): "your nature is intense" fast punk with a huge sense of humour. Great and refreshing! (EP: 4 euro)
CLAIM (CZ): "we're gonna find a way" fast hardcore (EP: 5 euro)
COCHABAMBAS (Br): "maquinas quentes..." garage surf punk (EP: 4 euro)
COJOBA (Puerto Rico): "el arte de la irreverencia" punk hardciore with dual vocals (EP: 3,20 euro)
CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR (UK) : "liberation" anarcho punk from Brighton (EP : 3,20 euro)
CONTINGENT ANONYME (Fr) : "s/t" great street punk (EP : 3,50 euro)
CONTRA TODOS MIS MIEDOS (Chile) : "colera" noisy hardcore punk (EP : 5 euro)
CONTRA TODOS MIS MIEDOS (Chile) : "Santiago / Valparaiso" noisy hardcore punk (EP : 5 euro)
CRIPPLED OLD FARTS (Fr): "s/t" hardcore punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
CRUEL FACE (Br): "s/t" thrash hardcore crust (EP: 3,20 euro)
CUM (Swe): "s/t" swedish furious hc (EP: 3 euro)
DAS KLOWN (US): "the day the clown cried" in your face punk hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
DAS KLOWN / DRAIN BRAMAGED (US): "split EP" 2 californian punk bands (EP: 3 euro)
DEMARCHE (CZ) : "maybe tomorrow" chaos punk (EP : 3,20 euro)
DESANGRADOS / AMARGO (USA) : "split EP" crude latino hardcore (EP : 4 euro)
DESCONTROLADOS (Ecuador): "s/t" punk rock. Repress of their first EP from 1988 (EP: 4 euro)
DFC / STOLEN LIVES (Br / Cz) : "split EP" hardcore (EP : 4 euro)
DHK (Peru) : "primera maqueta" fast punk hardcore (EP : 6 euro)
DIGNA Y REBELDE / EVOLUCION PERDIDA (US): "split EP" raw and fast latin core (EP: 4 euro)
DIOS HASTIO (Peru): "morfologia del desastre" political hardcore crust (EP: 3,50 euro)
DIOS HASTIO / COCHE BOMBA (Peru / Fr): "split EP" dark crust versus power violence (EP: 3,50 euro)
DIOS HASTIO / SEPTICEMIA (Peru / Br): "split EP" fast and furious hardcore for both bands (EP: 3,20 euro)
DIPSOMANIE / STEROIDS (Fr): "split EP" 2 great french punk bands (EP: 3,20 euro)
DISAGREE / UNGOVERN MENTAL (Canada) : "split EP" political crust punk (EP : 3,20 euro)
DISBEER (Fr): "The mighty boozer" metallic crust hc, motorhead meets AC/DC meets Discharge (EP: 3,50 euro)
DISCHORD (Br): "fuck copyrights" political fast hc crust (EP: 3 euro)
DISCHORD / UNDER THREAT (Br): "split EP" political fast hc crust (EP: 3 euro)
DISRUPT YOUTH (Aus): "s/t" oldschool punk hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
DISRUPT YOUTH (Aus): "Will not be served" oldschool punk hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
DISRUPTIVE ELEMENT (Fr): "s/t" hc old school with political lyrics (EP: 3 euro)
DISTURBANCE PROJECT / TERRORISMO MUSICAL (Greece / Spain) : "split EP" grindcore (EP : 3,20 euro)
DIVINE (Br): "souvenir" pop punk (EP: 3 euro)
DL50 (Paraguay): "Hardcore desde el tercer mundo" political crusty HC. Very first punk vinyl from there (EP: 4 euro)
DOG ON A ROPE (UK) : "yob culture" their first record. Punk (EP : 3,20 euro)
DONA MALDAD / GENERACION PERDIDA (Ven / Peru): "split EP" anarcho punk hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
DRUNKEN ORGY OF DESTRUCTION / S.A.A.E.I. (US / Holl): "split EP" grind mince core. Blue or black vinyl (EP: 3 euro)
DRY HUMP (USA) : "culture fuck experience" wild punk hardcore (EP : 3 euro)
DUCK FIGHT GOOSE (China) : "history" Experimental dark post rock (EP : 4 euro)
DYSPNEA / NAKOT (Greece / Serbia): "split EP" dark anarcho crust for both bands (EP: 3,50 euro)
ENTREFUEGO (Chile) : "el espiritu intacto" fast hardcore (EP : 5 euro)
ESCOTOFAGIA (Bolivia): "Man wolf of man" grindcore from Bolivia! Last copy in stock (EP: 6 euro)
EVACUATE (US): "Endless war" punk hardcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
EXECRADORES (Br): "Odio vital" anarcho punk hardcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
FA DAMMICH (Ger): "Handgriff..." punk band from Berlin, with FEELING B influences (EP: 3,20 euro)
FAITHREAT (Greece) : "thrashing with the stars" crossover thrash dedicated to old movie stars (EP : 5 euro)
FALLAS DEL SISTEMA (Mex): "globalicemos la resistencia" anarcho crust punk (EP: 4,20 euro)
FALLAS DEL SISTEMA / LAST CHANCE (Mex / US): "split EP" anarcho punk hardcore. Red vinyl (EP: 4,50 euro)
GENERATION 69 (Singapore): "Condemned citizens" oi band (EP: 4 euro)
GERM ATTACK (Can): "death to cops" great punk that sounds like UK 80's bands (EP: 4 euro)
GETRANKEUNFALL (Ger): "s/t" fast german punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
GO FILTH GO (Greece) : "5 tracks noise" D-beat noise terror (EP : 4 euro)
GOBIERNO MILITAR (Spain) : "s/t" political punk hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
GODORRHOEA (UK): "zeitgeist" great punk hardcore band from the 80's (EP: 4 euro)
GORILLA GRIPPING (Fr): "s/t" fast and raw hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
HATE IS JUST A FEELING (Swe): "Land of glory" street-punk with folk influences (EP: 3,50 euro)
HEARTSIDE / COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE (Ger): "split EP" raw hc / emo violence (EP: 3 euro)
HERMANOS DE LA MENTE FURIOSA (Arg): "Marchiweu" aggressive hc punk (EP: 4 euro)
HOSENFEFER (Kosovo): "Knife in my back" raging punk from the only surving serbian punk band in Kosovo (EP: 3,20 euro)
HUMAN COMPOST / DEATH REIGN (Fr): split EP" crust punk for both bands (EP: 3,50 euro)
HUMAN COMPOST / GERANIUM (Fr): "split EP" crsut for both bands (EP: 3,20 euro)
HYDROPHOBIA / DISURBIO A LA CORRUPCION (Mex): "split EP" anarcho punk hardcore (EP: 4 euro)
IMAGEN (Col): "... Y ahora que?" Raging thrash punk. Repress from a 7" that has been released in Colombia in the 80's. this one has got 2 bonus tracks. Clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies. (EP: 4 euro)
IMPERYA SNEGOV / REVOLVER (Buryatia / Karelia): "split EP" crazy punk versus surf-punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
INKOMPLEX (Germ): "das leben saugt" political anarcho punk (EP: 3 euro)
INKOMPLEX (Germ): "Ikarus" political anarcho punk (EP: 3 euro)
INKWIZYCIA (Pol): "Slowo" crusty HC with heavy riffs (EP: 3,50 euro)
INNER CONFLICT / MALGOBIERNO (Ger / Chile): "split EP" angry anarcho punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
INQUIRY LAST SCENERY / EL EJE DEL MÄL (Malaysia / Spain) : "split EP" screamo powerviolence (EP : 4 euro)
INSANIA (CZ): "Woodoo astrology" experimental hc with mystical lyrics (EP: 3 euro)
ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND / ESKAPO (Phil / USA): "split EP" fast raw and agressive political hc (EP: 4,50 euro)
ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND / R.A.B. (Phil / Fr): "split EP" raging and political punk hardcore (EP: 4 euro)
IT'S NOW (Mex): "Resistir y existir" SXE band from Monterrey that plays fast hardcore (EP: 4 euro)
JACKBEAST / SPITHEAD (Ireland): "split EP" original punk hardcore vs ska punk (EP: 4 euro)
JUGGLING JUGULARS / AOB (Fin / Ger): "split EP" anarcho punk hc (EP: 3 euro)
JUVENTUD PODRIDA (Panama) : "1989" political crust punk (EP : 5 euro)
KALAZAAR / ATRUTH (Greece / USA): "split EP" great political punk HC for both bands (EP: 4,50 euro)
KILLTOIDS / BLUE BLITZ (Fr): "split EP" melodic punk hc from 1992 (EP: 3,50 euro)
KOBRA XI / SIKA (CZ / SK): "Split EP" great and fast thrash punk for both bands (EP: 3,50 euro)
KOENIGSTEIN YOUTH (Fr): "s/t" thrash hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
KOENIGSTEIN YOUTH / STRONG AS TEN (Fr): "split EP" thrashcore and hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
KOLLEKTIVER BRECHREIZ (Ger): "Gimme punk" chaotic street punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
KONTRAORDEN (Col): "copia" political punk hardcore (EP: 7 euro)
KONTRAORDEN / RUIDO DE ODIO (Col / Ecuador): "split EP" polit' punk hc versus polit' grind hc (EP: 6 euro)
KRIMTANK / SUB ALERT (Swe): "split EP" raw and fast angry hardcore (EP: 3,80 euro)
KROCH (Fr): "S'rävefertel fösenochtskoncert..." minimalist grind sung in alsacian language (EP: 3,10 euro)
LA RELEVE / IMODIUM (Fr / Monaco) : "split EP" punk from Monaco !!! (EP : 4,50 euro)
LAURA'S PROBLEM (Br): "null and void" hardcore with female vocals. Grey marbled vinyl (EP: 3 euro)
LEGITIME DEFONCE / CRANK (Fr / Australia): "split EP" melodic punk for both bands (EP: 3,20 euro)
LEGITIME DEFONCE / KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERZ (Fr/ USA): "split EP" fast and melodic punk hardcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
LES INCOMPRIS (Br): "s/t" heavy rock in the Black sabbath vein (EP: 3 euro)
LES KAMIONERS DU SUICIDE (Fr) : "Bonne soirée" reggae punk (EP : 3 euro)
LES VANDALES (Fr): "loup garou" fast and furious hardcore recorded in 1985 and released in 2007 (EP: 6 euro)
LOS DOLARES (Ven): "nunca el olvido" anarcho crust punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
LOS DOLARES / SIN APOYO (Ven / Chile): "split EP" punk hardcore in the south american way (EP: 4 euro)
LOS DOLARES / WARTORN (Ven / USA): "split EP" dark gloomy crust (EP: 4 euro)
LOS MONJO (Mex): "Mexicanos al grita de mierda" wild punk a bit like Eskorbuto (EP: 3,50 euro)
LOS MONJO / ASPIRINA INFANTIL(Mex / Sp) : "split EP" wild punk rock (EP : 4,50 euro)
LOS REZIOS / DISSECT (Peru / Finland): "Split EP" crust / hardcore for both bands (EP: 3,50 euro)
LOS REZIOS / TODSCHICKER (Peru / Ger): "split EP" raw punk versus street punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
LOS TRAIDORES (Uruguay): "Canciones prohibidas" bootleg with 4 censored songs that weren't allowed on their LP (EP: 4 euro)
LYSTERIA (Fr): "la lysteria ça s'apprivoise" pogo punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
MALE (Ger): "original punk rock" '77 punk rock (EP: 3,20 euro)
MARIA-T-TA Y EL EMPUJON BRUTAL (Peru): "split EP" raw punk from the 80's, with female vocals (EP: 5 euro)
MENOS VALIDOS (Mex): "Punk regio" chaos punk, street punk with female vocals (EP: 4 euro)
MENTALLY PARASITES / TESTIMONY (SK): "split EP" crust hc from 1998 (EP: 3 euro)
MINDBLASTER (Swe): "Days of coma" death thrashcore (EP: 3 euro)
MINUS APES (Ger): "s/t" straight forward hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
MISHAP (US): "s/t" ripping punk metal like ENGLISH DOGS or early BROKEN BONES (EP: 4 euro)
MOONSTRUCK (Fr) : "Leave me alone" all girl melodic punk (EP : 3 euro)
MORKT KAPITTEL (Norway) : "s/t" hardcore punk (EP : 4,50 euro)
MÜLLSTATION (Germ) : "arbeitslos" punk (EP : 4 euro)
MURDER SUICIDE PACT (US): "Lobotomy kit" early 80's style hardcore (EP: 3,10 euro)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE (USA): "Brainrailer" distorded chaotic fast hardcore (EP: 4 euro)
NASHGUL / FROM THE ASHES (Spain / Sweden) : "split EP" grindcore (EP : 3,20 euro)
NASHGUL / SEWNSHUT (Spain / Sweden) : "split EP" grindcore (EP : 3,20 euro)
NEUROSE URBANA (Br): "morte caotica" brazilian dis-punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
NIKMAT OLALIM (Israel): "Self-devouring land" political and anti-zionist punk band (EP: 4 euro)
NO MORE / BAKUNIN'S CHILDREN (Lux): "split EP" anarcho punk for both bands (EP: 5 euro)
NO OPPRESSION (Portugal): "Change what destroys you" political crust punk. Record from 1995 (EP: 4 euro)
NORTHERN ALLIANCE (Pakistan) : "death anthems for a world of shit" black thrash metal (EP : 11 euro)
NOTHING MORE (Fr): "the vice" fast melodic punk hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
NOVI CVETYA (Bulg): "s/t" pionneer of bulgarian punk oi, with 5 old tracks (EP: 4 euro)
OBFUSCATION (Fin): "swansongs" grind death (EP: 3 euro)
OHEISVASARA (Fin): "vasaranmerkki" punk hc band from Helsinki. Red vinyl (EP: 3,20 euro)
OPOZICION (Col): "ruido insurgente" raw punk with dual vocals + saxophone (EP: 5 euro)
ORISHA SHAKPANA (Jamaica): "Caribbean metallic storm" evil black metal (EP: 7 euro)
OS MOCOS (Arg): "s/t" anarcho punk and hardcore. Coloured vinyl (EP: 5 euro)
OSCURO LUGAR (Col): "Alguien muere" dark punkish new wave (EP: 3,10 euro)
OTOPHOBIA (US): "source of confusion" crust hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
OUTFACE (Fr): "TV generation" killer speed hc (EP: 3 euro)
OUTRAGE (Bel): "between brackets" political and DIY dark hc metal band (EP: 3 euro)
OUTRAGE (Bel): "To terrorize ear and mind" political and DIY dark hc metal band (EP: 3 euro)
OVERKILL FOR PROFIT / EDEM (Azerbaijan): "split EP" killer hc versus great melodic punk (4 euro)
PANDEMONIUM (Holl): "who the fuck are you?" re-release of their first 7" from 1983 (EP: 4 euro)
PANSY DIVISION (USA) : "s/t" punk (EP : 3 euro)
PARANOID VISIONS (Ireland): "strobelight and torture" infamous irish punk legends are back with 3 tracks (EP: 4 euro)
PERDEDORES (Br): "viva for fun" fast punk rock. Coloured vinyl (EP: 3,20 euro)
PERRO CALIENTE (Basque Country / Germ): "s/t" fast and melodic punk, only 300 copies (EP: 4 euro)
PIREXIA / XIOLA BLUE (Uruguay / Arg): "split EP" melodic hc punk versus ska-punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
PLACEBOTOX (Holl): "Onnatuurlijk glad" political punk from Utrecht. Great DIY sleeve (EP: 3,60 euro)
PLAGUE RAGES / SYNDROME OF TERROR (Br): "split EP" grindcore (EP: 3 euro)
PNS (Czech): "s/t" great czech punk / HC (EP: 3,50 euro)
POUNDAFLESH (UK): "cry from the people" total DIY punk hardcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
PS (CZ) : "pivo za 2,50 €" picture disc. Czech hardcore (EP : 5 euro)
RACE AGAINST TIME (US): "depths of the antbed" thrash punk hardcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
RAI KO RIS / INSIDE 2 STOOPID TRIANGLES (Nepal): "split EP" fast wild and chaotic punk. Clear vinyl (EP: 3,20 euro)
RASIX / SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA (Col): "split EP" repress of this great colombian record: raw hardcore versus oi-punk directly from Medellin. Red vinyl with 3 bonus tracks. (EP: 4 euro)
RATOS DE PORAO (Br): "guerra civil canibal" 5 tracks of raw hardcore. Yellow vinyl (EP: 6 euro)
RESPOSTA SIMPLES (Azores): "gaia" first punk HC record from the Azores islands. Coloured vinyl (EP: 5 euro)
RESTOS DE TRAGEDIA / COCHE BOMBA (Col / Fr) : "split EP" hardcore. White vinyl (EP : 4 euro)
RETAQUE / LECSA-PUNK (Ecuador / Hungary): "split EP" anarcho punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
RIBZY (USA): "s/t" 7 songs of great 80's styled punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
RIISTETERROR (Br / Fin): "taabajara hardcore" fast and raw hc from Sick terror and Riistetyt members. Yellow vinyl (EP: 3 euro)
ROT / NO PREJUDICE (Br): "split EP" political grindcore (EP: 3 euro)
ROXOR (SK): "Pozierac dusi" raw crust sung in slovakian. Red vinyl (EP: 4 euro)
SANTA CRUZ / TAKE IT BACK (Fr / Indonesia) : "split EP" punk HC versus thrash punk (EP : 3,50 euro)
SARCASMO / ALL SYSTEMS FAILS (Mex / US): "split EP" anarcho crust. Silk screened sleeve (EP: 4 euro)
SARCASMO / EVOLUCION PERDIDA (Mex / USA) : "split EP" political crust and fast hardcore (EP : 4 euro)
SATANS REJECTS (Greece): "s/t" HC band influenced by Discharge, or old Greek HC bands (EP: 3,50 euro)
SATIE (Mex): "s/t" Hc crust violence. Coloured vinyl (EP: 5 euro)
SCHLEIM KEIM (Germ) : "drecksau" punk (EP : 4 euro)
SCORNED / HELL BOUND (US / Can): "split EP" scandinavian style crust hardcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
SCUM NOISE (Br): "live" raw crusty hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
SECOND COMBAT (Malaysia): "What has inspired us" malaysian SXE veterans on a 6 songs 7" (EP: 4 euro)
SEE YOU IN HELL (CZ): "s/t" crust hc from Brno. Red viynl for some copies (EP: 3,50 euro)
SHUT THE FUCK UP / THE RATS (Germ / Swe): "split EP" fast and raw hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
SICK TERROR / RUIDO (Br / US): "split EP" raw hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
SIERVOS DE NADIE / 100 GRADOS (Spain / Ven): "split EP" anarcho-punk for both bands (4 euros)
SILNA WOLA (Pol): "Zero akceptacji" crust dis-punk with anarchist message (EP: 3 euro)
SIRKE / RAY SPEEDWAY AND THE DEVILS OF PACE (Latvia / UK): "split EP" lo-fi indie trio versus experimental stuff (EP: 3 euro)
SLEAZY JOKE (Fr): "Sans concession" punk (in the old school vein from the 80's) sung in french, political lyrics (EP: 3,50 euro)
SLEEPING AT THE POPES (South Africa): "s/t" anarcho punk, sounds like Conflict (EP: 3,50 euro)
SLIMY VENERAL DISEASE (Germ) : "s/t" Green vinyl (EP : 3 euro)
SO FAR NO GOOD / URINE LUCK (US): "split EP" street punk vs ska punk, both from Florida (EP: 3 euro)
SOUND OF RUBY (Saudi Arabia): "From under the sands of the desert" great arabian punk rock (EP: 4,50 euro)
SPERMKILLING SUBSTANCE / DNA (Ger): "split EP" melodic punk and hc (EP: 3 euro)
STEROIDS (Fr): "Bazooka" raging speed punk (EP: 3,20 euro)
STOLEN LIVES / TIME OF MY LIFE (CZ / SK): "split EP" great energic hc in the old way (EP: 3,50 euro)
STRAHLKAHL (Swiss): "s/t" crust from Switzerland (EP: 3 euro)
STROHSÄCKE / WORHÄTS (Ger): "split EP" aggressive HC punk from 2 veteran bands (EP: 4 euro)
STROMBERG POLKA (Ger): "skinhead" oi music, repress of their two 7" from 1986 and 1991 (EP: 3,20 euro)
SUBMERGED (Fin): "fulcrum" loud powerful hc (EP: 3 euro)
SUBSISTENCE (Ger): "s/t" fast catchy punk/hc. Comes in a handmade sleeve (EP: 3,50 euro)
SUFFER (Swe): "on sour ground" old school death metal (EP: 3 euro)
SWEETY PUNK (Madagascar): "soa ity painky" melodic punk with lyrics in malagasy. White vinyl (EP: 3,20 euro)
TAMUTAMEN (Israel) : "Tamutamenkind" black metal hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)

TERLARANG / JAGERNAUT (Malaysia / Greece) : "split EP" crust grind punk (EP : 4 euro)
TEROKAL / ARMAGEDOM (US / Br): "split EP" HC band from the USA vs brazilian legends. Red vinyl, 300 copies (EP: 5 euro)
TERROR REVOLUCIONARIO / DEFY (Br): "split EP" raw crust punk for both bands. Nice splattered vinyl (EP: 4 euro)
TERROR Y MISERIA (Arg): "s/t" anarcho-punk (EP: 6 euro)
TERRORGRUPPE (Ger): "enemy number one" hardcore punk from Berlin (EP: 3,20 euro)
THE ADVERSIVES (US): "The search for Roger Ferris" fast, catchy and raw punk (EP: 3 euro)
THE BLOODY MUTANTS / NOISE POLLUTION (Ireland): "split EP" straight ahead punk rock vs crusty HC (EP: 4 euro)
THE FLAMES (US): "s/t" old school punk with snotty vocals (EP: 3 euro)
THE KILLING SPREE (Northern Ireland): "s/t" original punk with hard guitars (EP: 3 euro)
THE MINC (Russia) : "where is your god ?" d-beat crust punk (EP : 3,50 euro)
THE PUBLIC (SK): "caged conscience" aggresive slovakian hc (EP: 3 euro)
THE RENEGADES OF PUNK (Br): "s/t" fast punk hardcore (EP: 3,50 euro)
THIRD WORLD PLANET (Can): "air quality warning" powerviolence hc (EP: 3 euro)
THIS SIDE UP / WHITE FROGS (It / Br): "split EP" melodic hardcore for both bands (EP: 3 euro)
TROJNE (Swe): "Who gives a fuck anyway" straight forward hardcore punk with angry vocals. Recorded in 1984 (EP: 4 euro)
TROPIEZO (Puerto Rico) : "el fantasma antillano" punk hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
TROPIEZO / OPUS DEAD (Puerto Rico / Sp): "split EP" old school hc versus thrash hc (EP: 3 euro)
TROTYL (Bulgaria): "Lunatic" power metal. Gemm, released in 1988, limited to 400 copies (EP: 15 euro)
TUNGUSKA / DE NOVISSIMIS (Ireland / Pol) : "split EP" crust hardcore punk (EP : 3,20 euro)
ULTIMO PRESO / DISEASE (Sp): "split EP" hc crust fastcore (EP: 3,20 euro)
UNCERTAIN CALL (Fr): "the blame" french new wave. Record from 1988 (EP: 5 euro)
URBAN BLIGHT (Holl): "Pig justice" anarcho punk with drum machine (EP: 3 euro)
V/A (Fr): "Voices - Auch hardcore" crust hc comp' with Disbeer, Sickness, Viral youth, Summer day in june (double EP: 5 euro)
V/A (Int'): "4 way split" grind comp' with Szargyerek (Hun), Anubis, Critical mass (Fr), Malignant tumour (Cz) (2xEP: 4,50 euro)
V/A (Int'): "underground anthems" punk with Albert Fish, decreto 77 (Port), Red union (Serbia) and Ultima sacudida (Sp) (EP: 4 euro)
V/A (Kyrgyzstan): "Bishkek is burning" first ever punk and hc compilation from Kyrgyzstan (EP: 3,20 euro)
VANING 5 (Swe): "sla tillbaks och overlev" political anarcho crust (EP: 3,20 euro)
VIOLATOR / BANDANOS (Br): "split EP" ripping 80's style thrash HC crossover, think about DRI or Suicidal tendencies (EP: 4 euro)
VIOLENT HEADACHE / HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD (Spain) : "split EP" grind crust (EP : 3,50 euro)
VIVISICK / TROPIEZO (Jap / Puerto Rico): "split EP" fastcore for both bands (EP: 3,50 euro)
VOLUME DEALERS / OLDER THAN DIRT (Jap / UK): "split EP" punk hardcore (EP: 3 euro)
WEESHIRT (Andorra): "turtle" melodic punk from this little country on the border between Spain and France (EP: 3,20 euro)
WHAT IF GODS LIE / AXT (Mex / Ger): "split EP" hc thrash crust (EP: 3 euro)
WHEN MY AUTHORITIES FALL (Latvia) : "s/t" anarcho punk hardcore (EP : 3,50 euro)
WORHÄTS (Germ) : "s/t" punk hardcore (EP : 5 euro)
XAMORX / RADIO BIKINI (Br / Holl): "split EP" hc powerviolence meets thrash hc (EP: 3,20 euro)
YOUR KINGDOM IS DOOMED / NIKMAT OLALIM (Turkey / Israel): "split EP" crust paired with anarcho hc (EP: 4 euro)
YOUR KINGDOM IS DOOMED / YACOPSAE (Turkey / Ger): "split EP" grind, hardcore crust for both bands (EP: 3,20 euro)
YUPPIECRUSHER (Swe): "results / the united states of genocide" political hc band. Here they play a great reggae track (EP: 3,10 euro)
ZEMEZLUC (CZ): "Mame co jsme chteli" czech punk. recorded in 1998 (EP: 3,50 euro)
ZEMEZLUC / BEERGUT 100 (CZ / UK): "split EP" czech punk paired with scottish anarcho punk (EP: 3,50 euro)
ZERO POSITIVES (Bel): "Last contribution" anarcho metallic hardcore (EP: 3 euro)