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List of vinyl LP and 10" for sale:
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200 (Faroe Islands) : « Das Stockholm syndrom » punk (LP : 11 euro)
APATIA NO / ALL SYSTEMS FAIL (Ven / USA) : « split LP » anarcho punk for both bands. American pressing, coloured vinyl (LP : 11 euro)
BLACK CODE (Fr) : « Hanged, drawn and quartered » crust metal (LP : 10 euro)
BSN (Col) : « Subterraneo Medellin » total discography + some live tracks for this punk hardcore colombian band (LP : 12 euro)
CHAOSFRONT / RAKITIS (Germ / Swe) : « anti copper hardcore » fast hardcore punk (10'' : 9 euro)
DEXKONCIERTO (Col) : « Sintoma de la ultima decada » hardcore punk from Colombia (LP : 13 euro)
FERTIL MISERIA (Col) : « Desplazados » colombian old hardcore punk (LP : 13 euro)
GRIND NATION / CALIFORNIA CULT CRAP (Germ) : « split 10 » grindcore. White vinyl (10'' : 7 euro)
INFESTO (Col) : « s/t » colombian hardcore (LP : 13 euro)
LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO (Chile) : « Jauria » crust hardcore. Clear vinyl (LP : 10 euro)
SIMBIOSE (Portugal) : « Economical terrorism » political crust (LP : 10 euro)
TOXIC HOPE (Fr) : « mind makes god » hardcore (LP : 10 euro)
V/A (India): “Disenfranchised in India” Forget about Bollywood, here's real Indian punk with 14 differents bands!(LP:11 euro)
V/A (Morocco): “Chaos in Morocco” 5 great punk and hardcore bands share this compilation. Most of the songs are sung in arab language.(LP: 11 euro)
VISIONS OF WAR (Belg) : « Shit parade » crustcore (LP : 10 euro)
YEARS OF DECAY / SAND CREEK MASSACRE (Swe / Holl) : « split LP » crusty hardcore (LP : 10 euro)

ACAO DIRETA (Br): "revolta/repudio/confronto/resistencia" polit' punk hc, limited to 550 copies (LP + 7": 12 euro)

ACID STORM (Br): "why? dirty war" thrash metal (LP: 11 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS (UK): "free to be chained" anarcho punk hardcore (LP: 8 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS (UK): "it's perfectly obvious..." anarcho punk hardcore (LP: 8 euro)
ACTIVE MINDS / PETROGRAD (UK / Lux): "split LP" anarcho + peace punk (LP: 8 euro)
AEROLINEAS FEDERALES (Sp): "s/t" spanish punk on DRO records. Venezuela pressing from 1987 (LP: 12 euro)
AFGANISTAN YEYE'S / CULANDRA (Sp): "split LP" fast irreverent punk hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
AGENT ORANGE (USA): "just say no" political hardcore. Out on New Wave records (LP: 10 euro)
AGGRA MAKABRA / DISPLACED (Germany) : "split LP" punk (LP : 10 euro)
ALISSA (Russia): "energyia" great punk wave russian band (LP: 12 euro)
ALKEHOL (Cz): "s/t" great thrash metal, lyrics are about getting drunk (LP: 10 euro)
ALTERCADO (Chile): "el ruido y la rabia" raging anarcho punk (LP: 10 euro)
AMITY (CZ): "s/t" emo hardcore crust (10": 8 euro)
ANFO (Peru): “Ayacucho” Crust punk from Peru. Comes on a one-sided coloured LP (LP: 8 euro)
APATIA NO / FALLAS DEL SISTEMA (Ven / Mex): "split 10" anarcho punk and hardcore for both bands. Red vinyl (10": 9 euro)
APEFACE (USA): "s/t" punk hardcore (LP: 8 euro)
ATTENTAT SONORE (Fr): "social headache" political punk with some oi influences (10": 9 euro)
AVIA (Russia): "avia" great avant-garde, experimental rock (LP: 11 euro)
BACKSLIDE (Germ): "join the backslide youth" great tunefull streetpunk (LP: 10 euro)
BACKSLIDE (Germ): "terror age" great tunefull streetpunk (LP: 10 euro)
BBS PARANOICOS / EMS (Chile / Austria): "split LP" punk rock for both bands (LP: 8 euro)
BERURIER NOIR (Fr): "chants des meutes" political punk. recorded live in Quebec (LP: 10 euro)
BEYOND DESCRIPTION (Jap): "acts of sheer madness" political japanese hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
BLIND PIGS (Br): "susse wut" punk hardcore the brazilian way, red vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
BOOM BOOM KIDS (Argentina) : "okey dokey dok" punk hardcore. Picture disc (LP : 15 euro)
BRAMBILLA (Austria): "picture disc" fast and melodic punk rock with cool lyrics (LP: 10 euro)
CANCER SPREADING / DISKONTROLL (Italy / Sweden) : "split LP" crustcore (LP : 10 euro)
CARBURETOR DUNG (Malaysia): "inginku rejam..." punk hardcore, legends of the malaysian scene (10": 10 euro)
CENSURADOS (Portugal): "confusao" great punk. Legends of the portuguese scene (LP: 20 euro)
CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (Cz): "impenetrable" grind core (LP: 10 euro)
CITRON (Cz): "vypust'te psy" czech heavy metal, LP from 1989 (LP: 10 euro)
COCHE BOMBA (Fr): "vectores de la muerte" discography LP for this crusty HC punk band (LP: 10 euro)
CORPSE (Br): "I live, you die" thrash, the brazilian way (LP: 10 euro)
CRAFT (Fr): "dites-le avec une pelle" french punk hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
CRAFT / LOUT SOCIETY CURSE (Fr): "split LP" brutal hc versus crust punk (LP: 10 euro)
CRUEL FACE / SUBCUT (Br): "split 10" anarcho hardcore grind (10": 6 euro)
CUT MY SKIN (Germ): "future sold out" political street punk with female vocals (LP: 10 euro)
DEADLINE (UK): "Back for more..." great fast punk rock with female singer (LP: 10 euro)
DEADLINE (UK): "More to it..." great fast punk rock with female singer (LP: 10 euro)
DEADMOCRACY / AGATHOCLES (Br / Belg): "split LP" polit' crust + grind, coloured vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
DEMOKHRATIA / MONDO GECKO (Algeria / Israel): "split LP" raw HC for both bands, with socio-political lyrics for Demokhratia (LP: 8 euro)
DEMONIZED (Mexico) : "s/t" south american black metal (LP : 10 euro)
DESGUACE (Spain): "casi todo hits" dirty fast hardcore punk (LP: 10 euro)
DESSERT (Latvia): "rockin' from Riga" hard and heavy metal from 1990 (LP: 10 euro)
DESTRUCT (US): "New american nightmare" angry punk hc (LP: 8 euro)
DEZINFEKCE (Cz): "staci najit duvod" aggresive hc crust (LP: 10 euro)
DICKHEADS (Fr): "born to hate" street-punk oi from 1995 (LP: 12 euro)
DIE BÖSLINGE (Germany) : "scheiss polizeistaat" punk (LP : 12 euro)
DIE BUNKER (Fr): "mother" experimental cold wave from 1990 (LP: 13 euro)
DIE FANATISCHEN FRISORE (Germ): "s/t" their tape and some live tracks from 1988 (LP: 10 euro)
DIE KASSIERER (Germ): "jetzt und in zukunft ofter" live recording for this streetpunk band (Pic-disc LP: 12 euro)
DIE MADMANS (Germany) : "1981" punk from Eastern Germany (LP : 11 euro)
DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE (Ger): "chaos und dogma" great political punk (10": 8 euro)
DISCARGA (Br): "Musica pra guerra" fast raging HC (LP: 10 euro)
DISCARGA (Br): "sem remorso" fast and raging hardcore (10": 8 euro)
DISFIGURED CORPSE (CZ): "Mega ultra intergalactic core 2000" political death grind (LP: 10 euro)
DKV (Spain) : "nace crece mata muere" raw crust (LP : 10 euro)
DOBERMANN (Fr): "chimiquement méchant" raging punk hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
DOOM (UK): "rush hour of the gods" anarcho crust punk legends (LP: 10 euro)
DOWN TO AGONY (Spain) : "no vida" crust (LP : 10 euro)
DRUNK PRESIDENT (Cz): "vsechno hned" heavy metal (LP: 6 euro)
E (CZ) : "live" (LP : 12 euro)
ERANTZUN (Spain) : "hazia ernaltzen duen tanta" fastcore from the Basque country (LP : 10 euro)
EU'S ARSE (It): "1981-1985" raw italian hardcore. This is a comp' with all their releases + some live tracks (LP: 12 euro)
EUTHANASIE (Germ): "Prison pain" demo + live from 1988/89 for this anarcho punk band (LP: 10 euro)
EXTENSITY / EL PUNTO DEVIL (Sp): "split LP" two catalonia bands that play hyper fast hardcore punk (LP: 10 euro)
FIREBIRDGASS (Jap): "punk rises from the pigpen" intense japanese hardcore punk in the good old way (LP: 10 euro)
FLAMES OF HELL (Iceland): "fire and steel" satanic black thrash from the 80's. Repress (LP: 11 euro)
FORCA MACABRA (Fin): "caveira da força" brazilian styled hardcore from Finland (LP + flexi: 15 euro)
FUN PEOPLE (Arg): "angustia no, no" punk rock. second edition with different cover (10": 9 euro)
GARAZ (CZ) : "vykopavky" (LP : 9 euro)
GARAZ (Cz): "the best of Garaz" rock which features experimental and new wave parts. Oversized sleeve (LP: 10 euro)
GBH (UK): "charged GBH" punk. Brazilian pressing (LP: 10 euro)
GENERAL SURGERY / BUTCHER ABC (Sweden / Japan) : "split LP" grind (LP : 10 euro)
GILBERT ET SES PROBLEMES (Fr): "en transit" fast great wild ska punk (LP: 10 euro)
GOGOL (Fr): "penetrez" punk from 1986 (LP: 10 euro)
GOGOL + MAU MAUS (Fr): "les affres de l'angoisse" punk rock (LP: 13 euro)
GORKY PARK (Russia): "s/t" heavy metal, hard rock (LP: 10 euro)
HAMMERHAI (Germ): "schlagt zuruck" political ska punk (LP: 9 euro)
HARNLEITA (Germ): "ride the punk rock rocket" great street punk from Berlin. their 1st LP (LP:10 euro)
HAUSVABOT (Germ): "welches leben?" straight in your face political punk/HC (LP: 10 euro)
HINO MORTAL / CORTE MARCIAL (Br): "split LP" 2 great HC bands from the 80's. Out on ABC hardcore serie (LP: 12 euro)
HOAX (Fr): "ego eater" hardcore with metal influence. Features ex-members of Trotskids and Komintern sect (LP: 10 euro)
HOLOCAUSTO POMADA (Sp): "brain cell genocide" chaos and destructive punk. One-sided LP (LP: 7 euro)
I SHOT CYRUS (Br): "tiranus" political crust hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
I WALK THE LINE (Fin): "Desolation street" great fast punk (LP: 10 euro)
IMAGE PUBLIQUE S.A. (UK): "Paris au printemps" the 2nd PIL record, with Johnny Rotten (LP: 9 euro)
IN THE SHIT (UK): "a world of..." great english punk hardcore (LP: 9 euro)
INOKENTIJS MARPLS (Latvia): "speks no tetiem" very first punk / hardcore LP from Latvia (LP: 9 euro)
IVAN HLAS & NAHLAS (Cz): "s/t" underground rock, from the time of communism in 1986 (LP: 10 euro)
JAD WIO (Fr): "cellar dreams" excellent mix of cold wave and rock (LP: 14 euro)
JUICE (US): "fundamental" punk hardcore that sounds like early Black Flag (LP: 8 euro)
KLAMYDIA (Fin): "siittiot sotapolulla" punk rock band (LP: 10 euro)
KROMBACHERKELLERKINDER (Germ): "audiophonehardcorekimme" fast and melodic HC (LP: 9 euro)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO (Fin): "Likana..." scandinavian hardcore from Tampere. Need I say more? (LP: 10 euro)
LA MACHOIRE (Fr): "s/t" experimental noisy hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
LA MISERIA DE TU ROSTRO (Chile): "savia" dark hardcore crust. Coloured vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
LA RAIA (Fr): "Les dents" crazy original anarcho punk. Think about Berurier Noir (LP: 10 euro)
LAST JOKER (Br): "s/t" heavy, power metal (LP: 10 euro)
LAST LEGION ALIVE / HELLSTORM (Belg / Gr): "split LP" crust HC with metal influences: ANTICIMEX, VENOM (LP: 10 euro)
LAST OF THE JUANITAS / SHITBASTARD (USA): "split LP" instrumental HC vs brain damaged style HC (LP: 12 euro)
LES VANDALES (Fr) : "s/t" fast ripping punk. Red vinyl, 300 copies (1-sided LP : 10 euro)
LOBOTOMIA (Br): "extinçao" thrash hardcore from one of the oldest punk bands from Brazil. Ltd to 350 copies (LP: 10 euro)
LORD (Hun): "3" traditional heavy metal sung in hungarian language. Record from 1990 (LP: 10 euro)
LOS DOLARES / ZUSCHANDEN (Ven / Ger): "Split LP" political crust punk for both bands (LP: 8 euro)
LOS ILLEGALS (US): "internal exile" punk rock made by latinos immigrants. Record from 1983 (LP: 10 euro)
MALICIOUS GRIND (USA): "welcome to life" crossover hardcore. LP out on New wave records (LP: 10 euro)
MALIGNANT TUMOR (CZ): "burn in hell" excellent mix of r'n'r, crust, punk, grind, topped with a bit of heavy metal! (LP: 10 euro)
MALLORKAOS (Sp): "not without your support" melodic powerfull HC band from Mallorka. White vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
MARCEL DUCHAMP (Chile): "Contra nosotros mismos" fast thrash political punk from Santiago. Coloured vinyl. (LP: 10 euro)
MASTER (Russia): "master" speed metal. their first LP from 1987 (Lp: 12 euro)
MIGRA VIOLENTA (Arg): "hc crust" anarcho hardcore crust (LP: 10 euro)
MIL CARAS (Arg): "Pietas virtus fides" fast and powerful hc. Green vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
MISANDAO (China): "chinese bootboys" chinese oi (LP: 10 euro)
MOBCHARGE (Spain) : "apocalyptic horror" crust d-beat (LP : 10 euro)
MONKS OF SCIENCE (UK): "I'm a doctor..." punk ala Dag Nasty. Record from 1990 (LP: 5 euro)
MORTEM (Peru): "de natura daemonum" evil and aggressive death metal (LP: 12 euro)
MUGRIND (Spain) : "spoko evillution porko dio" grind crust (LP : 10 euro)
NARCOSIS (Peru): "Primera dosis" vinyl version of the demo tape from 1985 for this mythical punk band (LP: 25 euro)
NASHGUL / ANTI HERO (Spain) : "split LP" grindcore (LP : 10 euro)
NEKHEI NAATZA (Israel): "hail the new regime" political punk sung in hebrew (LP: 10 euro)
NEVROTIC EXPLOSION (Fr): "the world" punk rock with reggae touches (LP: 10 euro)
NEW ORDER (UK): "power, corruption and lies" new wave (LP: 10 euro)
NUMBER 9 (NZ): "nowhere fast" punk hardcore (LP: 9 euro)
OI POLLOI / NIKMAT OLALIM (UK / Israel): "split LP" political punk and hardcore for both bands (LP: 10 euro)
PANIKOS (Greece): "awakening from letargy" metallic crust punk (LP: 10 euro)
PARTIYA (Belarus): "asshole raisers" political crust (LP: 10 euro)
PHOBIA / GRUEL (Fr / USA): "split LP" death metal versus raw hc. out on Jungle hop records (LP: 12 euro)
PLEXIS (CZ): "pulnocni rebel" punk rock with metal influences. Great cover of a song from the RAMONES (LP: 10 euro)
PLUTOCRACY (USA): "dankstahz" power violence grinding hardcore (10": 10 euro)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD (UK): "second edition" the record from 1979, post punk (2xLP: 12 euro)
PULNOC (Cz): "s/t" underground band, linked to Plastic people of the universe (LP: 10 euro)
RAISER (Sp): "A este eterno invierno" fast hc punk (LP: 8 euro)
RASHIT (Turkey): "kapak güzelleri" anarcho-punk with lots of musical influences (LP: 8 euro)
RASTA KNAST (Germ): "bandera pirata" great german punk rock (LP: 10 euro)
RASTA KNAST (Germ): "die katze beisst in draht" great german punk rock (LP: 10 euro)
RAZOR BLADES (DK): "Hateful youth" discography for this great punk hc danish band (LP: 11 euro)
REAL COOL KILLERS (Fr): "black and wild" noisy rock hardcore (LP: 12 euro)
RELIGIOUS WAR (USA) : "cracked system" hardcore thrash destruction (LP : 10 euro)
RIPCORD (UK): "discography part 1" abrasive raw hardcore from the 80's (LP: 12 euro)
ROIL (USA): "mother's day" great punk band with high energy (10": 6 euro)
ROT / INTESTINAL DISEASE (Br / Belg): "split LP" grind core (LP: 9 euro)
SACRED DENIAL (USA): "sifting through remains" thrash metal crossover (LP: 9 euro)
SECOND COMBAT (Malaysia): "Count on to survive" fast and catchy hardcore straight in your face! (LP: 10 euro)
SEE YOU IN HELL (CZ) : "umet se prodat" fast hardcore (LP : 10 euro)
SIN APOYO (Chile): "la ciudad del espectaculo" crust hardcore (10": 8 euro)
SINERGIA (Spain) : "alea jacta est" crust hardcore (LP : 10 euro)
SKARFACE / DIE TORNADOS (Fr / Ger): "split 10" ska for both bands. Brown vinyl (10": 12 euro)
SKARMENTO (Spain) : "punk donramiro rock" political streetpunk (LP : 10 euro)
SKTC (Pol): "pochodnia" metallic hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
SLAP OF REALITY (USA): "Three lefts make a right" melodic hardcore (LP: 8 euro)
SLEAZY JOKE (Fr): "mafia politica" french punk rock influenced by PARABELLUM or TROTSKIDS (LP: 10 euro)
STARSHOOTER (Fr): "chez les autres" historical french punk rock from 1980 [ex/ex] (LP: 12 euro)
STEROIDS (Fr): "sous produit" raging political punk hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
STRAHLER 80 / UNABOMBER (Austria / Ger): "yuppie bastard" melodic and political hardcore (10": 8 euro)
SVARTA LAGOR (Holl): "dark visions" angry political hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
TANKER CHAOS (Fr): "blast or die" fast punk hardcore with crusty influences (10": 8 euro)
TAXI GIRL (Fr): "84-86" dark and new wave (10": 12 euro)
TELEFON (CZ): "Smysi malych cinu" great straight forward punk and hardcore all sung in czech (LP: 10 euro)
TENDANCE CATALOGUE (Germ): "kein sex mit nazis" incredible band: they play electro-disco-punk sung in french (LP: 10 euro)
THE MURDERERS / JERKOFFS (USA): "split LP" 2 punk hc bands on a picture disc (LP: 9 euro)
THE OBSERVERS (USA): "so what's left now" fast punk from Portland (LP: 9 euro)
THE PUBLIC (Slovakia) : "another day in paradise" hardcore punk (LP : 10 euro)
THE REAL McKENZIES (Can): "clash of the tartans" scottish influenced celtic punk (LP: 9 euro)
THE REAL McKENZIES (Can): "pissed tae th' gills" scottish influenced celtic punk (LP: 9 euro)
THE REAL McKENZIES (Can): "s/t" scottish influenced celtic punk (LP: 9 euro)
THE SPICKY JOYS / THE ATTACKED (Jap): "split LP" japanese street punk (LP: 10 euro)
THE VAGEENAS (Germ): "when music hurts" wild 77' style punk rock (LP: 10 euro)
THE WANTED (Fr): "la force et la rage" raging punk HC from Brittany region (LP: 10 euro)
THIRD WORLD PLANET (Can): "s/t" hardcore, their black LP released in Italy (LP: 10 euro)
TOKEN TANTRUM (Swe): "cancer of life" original crust hardcore (10": 9 euro)
TRIGGER TRAVIS (Spain) : "le zoo" hardcore (LP : 10 euro)
TROUBLE MAKERS (Swe): "Goteborg" catchy wild punk rock (LP: 10 euro)
TUNA (Br): "O mudo mundo" really great brazilian punk rock. Comes on coloured vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
TURBO (Pol): "ostatni wojownik" great thrash speed from 1987. Lyrics are in polish (LP: 12 euro)
UCHAZIM (CZ): "marnostroj" great hardcore punk sung in czech. Comes in a big booklet (LP: 10 euro)
UNDER THREAT (Br): "bomb scars" anarchist hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
UNDERCROFT (Chile): "danza macabre" death metal (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Austria): "last monarcho punk austria" one of the best comp' I've seen recently: all punk and hc bands are great (LP: 11 euro)
V/A (Br): "e foi concedido ao homem..." political punk and hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Br): "Emergencia" political punk and hardcore (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Br): "oi! um grito de uniao, vol 2" 6 brazilian oi bands share this record (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Cz) : "rockmapa 2" metal compilation describing the Czech scene in 1990 (LP : 10 euro)
V/A (Europe): "Europe in decline" punk, hc compilation made by Six Weeks records (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Germ): "Punk im pott" comp' with punk and HC bands from the city of Duisburg (LP: 8 euro)
V/A (Greece): "war for freedom" 13 political greek punk and HC greek bands appear on this benefit compilation (LP: 7 euro)
V/A (Int'): "histeria 2" comp' out on Lengua armada with Conga Fury, Fuerza X, Scholastic deth... (LP: 11 euro)
V/A (Int'): "words will never be actions" punk and HC compilation with Psychoterror from Estonia and more (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Paraguay): “Punk hardcore subterraneo en Paraguay” The total history of punk and hardcore bands in Paraguay, from the very beginning in 1990, until 2005. A written history also comes with this LP + info about all 8 bands that appear here. (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (South Am): "southern storm of evil" 8 metal bands from 8 south american countries (LP: 12 euro)
V/A (Tajikistan): "Dushambe punkers and rockers" 9 punk rock bands, in the vein of old russian bands (LP: 10 euro)
V/A (Uzbekistan): "Paxta-core" 8 punk, rock and hc bands from central Asia (LP: 10 euro)
VALSE TRISTE / OSASTO 11 (Fin): "Split 10" fast hc punk in the finnish way (10": 7 euro)
VAR (CZ): "personnal destruction" thrash metal. Lyrics about beer drinking and violence. Record from 1991 (LP: 10 euro)
VERSAUTE STIEFKINDER (Germ): "Die demokratie muss ..." wild chaos punk, record from 1999 (LP: 13 euro)
VIVISEKTIO (Fin): "1984" finnish hardcore band that comes from a village close to the artic circle (LP: 10 euro)
VOODOO MUZAK (Fr): "blunt" noise hardcore rock (LP: 12 euro)
WARUM JOE (Fr): "la methode du discours" punk with industrial and new wave sounds (LP: 16 euro)
WICKED APRICOTS (It): "s/t" punk and HC from the island of Sardinia (LP: 11 euro)
WTZ (Germ): "deutschpunk-revolte" deutsch punk + chaos punk (LP: 12 euro)
ZEMEZLUC (CZ): "Puntala rock" czech punk veterans, recorded live in Finland. Clear vinyl (10": 8 euro)
ZEMEZLUC (Cz): "system kanibal" czech punk rock hardcore. Red vinyl (LP: 10 euro)
ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW (Pol): "Emo'la" melodic and slighly metallic hardcore (dLP: 12 euro)